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Sunday Story

Ever since I was I child, I was struggling to find my purpose in life. WHY was I placed here on earth? WHAT was the point? I had an INTEREST in languages and I was GREAT at teaching…so I became … read more


the highest vision

Saturday Success Session + Money Meditation 7

Saturday Success Sessions are videos to sum up what I have written about during the week concerning money beliefs and lies that you have learned from an early point on. I go through the beliefs and then take you through … read more


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Wild Wednesday: Introducing Team Phoenix

In the beginning days of December, my team and I decided that we would unite more surrounding regular google hangouts on Mondays and Thursdays at 8PM British time (most of us live in the UK), and a team name. You … read more



Wild Wednesday: Want to go to Jamaica?

Press the “Click here” button on the FB-page to see more about prices, both the current + the new prices starting December 1st. I can reveal that you save 3.000$ on one of the products!!And then you get to save for the rest … read more


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Tricky Tuesday: Needs Changing…

Service announcement: As I am taking off with my internet business and getting more things to do there, people to mentor, material to create, I have to make some re-arrangements of my focus. Although I still do personal development every … read more


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Magic Monday: Keeping the Balance

Our path towards our dreams can feel troublesome, full of stress, worry and impatience. But what if we just followed the method of this woman stacking her sticks very slowly but consistently…always keeping our eyes focused on the balance…? Because … read more